Kula was the last character introduced in the series, she is the best friend of Nala and in the middle of her feud with Tama. Kula has a bubbly and outgoing sometimes flirtatious personality. She had a brief crush on Simba in the beginning of season 2, but they decided it would be to weird, but kissed each other at the end of the episode to end it.

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Kula was Malka's first friend, and soften his rock hard exterior over time and got him to be kinder. She is the daughter of Mostafa and Leila. Kula was given up after birth, and was dropped off in the pride lands by a young couple and was adopted by Mostafa and Leila. She has one sibling named Josiah, but often feels she doesn't have the same connection with her parents because he is their biological son.

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Kula was Simba's first kiss

Kula appeared in all episodes

Kula spoke with Simba when he was depressed about his sister being kidnapped, and tried to convince him not to go find her.

Kula helped Tama when she tried to kill herself.

Kula is usually the voice of reason, along with Tojo.

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