Malka was the first rival Simba had on the show, but was his former best friend. When he was first introduced he was a smart mouthed, sneaky, cub. Malka is the son of Omari(deseased) and Ada. Part of his attitude is due to his Fathers tragic death, in later seasons he becomes jealous of Simba's relationship with his sad because he lived while Malka's dad didn't in the war between the lions and tigers. Malka often bullied the younger cubs at times, but left Shani alone because Simba was her brother.

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Tama was Malka's first and only girlfriend the entire series, they didn't become a couple until the final series.

Malka was the one who accompanied Simba to the past and tried to help him fix what he had done.

Malka was the only cub who wasn't ever close to his parents, and was far from a warm animal.

Malka is one of the oldest cubs in the pride lands.

Simba nicknamed Malka bubble guts after He threw up on Tama when they went on their first date.

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