Malka and Simba's rivalry began in the 4th story of the series, when Malka comes to the pride lands, to visit with his parents. He later reveals he is the prince of the wet lands, were Hazel and her mother were from. Simba takes an automatic dislike to him, and says there is something off about him. Later that day, Simba is forced by his Father to be nice and show him around, he and Malka end up getting into a scuffle, but Simba is smart and blames the whole thing on Malka to get out of trouble, putting on a scene. Malka get's into trouble, and this makes him ticked off. Malka later runs into a cub named Tojo, who was a former friend of Simba's. They plot against him, cooking up a plan after stealing from Rafiki's tree. Long story short, Simba comes out on top and both are left to sulk.


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