Nala as a cub

Write the first paragraph of your page here. Nala was born at pride rock and was the 4th character introduced in the series. She is the same age as Simba, as they were born on the same day. She has a feisty and spirited personality, she is dedicated to her friends but can be a know it all.

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Nala's first episode isn't until the third actual episode in the series.

She is the daughter of Darakia and Sarafina. Despite Simba and Nala being best friends their Father don't like each other but act civil for the children. One reason they don't like each other is because of Darakia's constant disapproval of Simba and his antics, even going as far as to blame him for the turmoil in the pride lands during series 2 because of scar's jealousy.

Nala's last appearance was in the final of series 3 due to her Parents feeling the pride lands weren't safe anymore and moving away, also believing her friends weren't a good influence.

Nala's two best friends were Simba and Kula.

Nala and Tama had an everlasting rivalry, that was never resolved.

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