Neema is the wise cracking, sweet girlfriend of Simba. Born in the pride lands, to Afolabi and Yara. Neema is abused by her parents but nobody ever notices, because it's not physical. She begins to cut herself but says she falls a lot, only Simba knows her secret and convinces her to stop in season 2, to try something else. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Neema is the only cub to never have any rivalries with cubs her own age, and is well liked. Her best friend other than Simba is Tojo or Tama. Shani seems to like her and has a soft spot in her heart for her, Neema is heart broken when Shani dies at the end of series 3. Neema was unknowingly bethrothed to Simba, and only found out when they got older. Neema tried to run away, but didn't.

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