Scar is the jealous younger brother of King Mufasa, and third in line for the throne(after Simba, then Shani). Scar was jealous of his brother since cub hood, and became angered when their Father gave Mufasa more attention. His Jealousy got out of control when Simba was born, but he only set his plans into action after Shani was born. Seeing that it would be hard to kill all three of them at once, he decided to do it one by one with the help of his hyenas.


Taka/Scar was born in the pride lands prior to the series two years after Mufasa. (the lions age in human years) to King Ahadi and Queen Uru. Taka looked very much like his mother, with her same brown coat and green eyes. Taka was often quiet and stayed to himself, only befriending Sarabi and Sarafina. Over the years Taka developed feelings for Sarabi, and one day decided to tell her still just a cub. When he gathered flowers he went to go see her, but found out after hearing a confersation between Ahadi and Mufasa that Sarabi would be betrothed to Mufasa, meaning He could never have her. Taka became infuriated attacking his brother later that evening from behind, almost throwing him off pride rock, their parents overheard Mufasa's screams and came quickly. Once Ahadi found out what had occurred he angrily struck Taka in the face, giving him a scar on his left eye, thus taking the nickname Scar. It only got worse when Ahadi announced the next week, that Mufasa would be king, due to his wonderful traits and ability to lead. Taka then became distant from his parents, and resented his brother for their entire cub and teen hood. As an adult, one afternoon Taka followed his Father on patrol, setting up his plan to murder his Father, for his "favortisim" towards his brother. Scar by then had befriended hyenas in the elephant grave yard, were he started to visit frequently as a teen despite his Father's strict rules. Scar planned to have the hyenas attack him and enable him to move, then he would deal the final blow killing him. Unfortunatly his plan was successful, and not long after his mother died from a broken heart.From then on Mufasa assumed the throne with Sarabi as his queen, and they gave birth to Simba, their first child.

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