Quote template: You let us come with you next time you go somewhere, or we come clean - Shani to Simba and his Friends

Shani is the younger sister of Simba, and the princess of the pride lands. She is the youngest and second child of Mufasa and Sarabi. She starts of as a clueless, yet ambitious cub. She has a close relationship with her brother, and many other members of the pride lands. She is sensitive and doesn't like to be yelled at, but surprisingly doesn't cry often. She is closer with her mother more than her Father, but talks to them both.

Trivia: Shani is allergic to mango's and Fish.

Shani's favorite season is fall.

Shani loves the song "lion in the moon"

Her mother sings lion in the moon to her when she is sick.

Shani likes it when her Dad cuddles her in his mane, because it tickles her face and makes her giggle.

Shani admires her brother for his bravado.

Tojo was her first kiss.

If Shani could have Simba marry anyone, it would be Kula.

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