Simba and nala

Born at pride rock Family- Mufasa(father)Sarabi(mother)Shani(sister) Flings- Nala Neema

Simba is the crowned prince of the pride lands, son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. He is the older sibling of Shani. In the first series Simba starts out as a loud, sneaky, trouble making cub, but sometimes shows a softer side of himself when around his closest friend Nala. In later seasons he calms down, but stays the same.

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Hey Nal" -First line

"What if uncle scar comes back? t-to kill me" - secrets and lies

"I hate you! I wish you were dead!"- secrets and lies

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trivia Simba is the first character introduced in the series, and appears in all episodes except for when he goes missing for one day and isn't able to be found in( were's Shani?)because he goes searching for her.

Simba is allergic to mango's and fish like his Father and sister.

Simba fell down the stairs of pride rock when he was younger.

It is hinted in "Future Shani" that Simba had a crush on Tama before the start of the series.

Simba was the last person shani spoke to before she was killed in series 4.

Simba has only ever cried once infront of another animal, which he hates to do.

Simba's worst fear is losing all of his friends, family, and being exiled.

His first girlfriend actually turned out to be a sea creature.

Simba hates the color yellow, because it makes him want to puke.

Simba's favorite color is red.

Simba often plays with his fathers mane and tries to measure it to see how long his will be while Mufasa is sleeping.

Simba's favorite type of meat is Zebra, and thinks Elephant is to rubbery.

Simba's favorite game is kings and queens.

Simba secretly likes it when his Dad sings to him, even though it is very rare that he would.

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